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Good business idea can make you build a fortune.


Increase sales, put your company on a world map.


Based on your balance sheets. We can make you become an MVP of your business.


You always need a proper bank to support your business creativity.


You were successful and you want to do it again but don’t know how.


Providing additional skills to implement your ideas.



Spin off

Large logistics & transportation company asked us for business advice in the middle of financial crisis. Based on their wishes we suggest them to make a spin off company – idea was to buy a hughe real estate property, designed to build and sell +150 flats downtown. In 4 years time they made a +10mio EUR worth real estate business and two more efficient companies.


Good trading company asked us for investment advice. Our recommendation was to buy a propriate stocks at the right time. In 2 years time they made a 40% with 5% yearly dividends.


group of three different companies with two owners and five large empty real estates hired us to make a reset of their business. We came up with busines solution how to step in tourism industry, to make a large hostel and combine 3 diferent companies into 1. Getting so many clients from Booking.com, they became a largest hostel provider in the capital.

Start up

Starting from a scratch with a client who had an superb business idea but not a clear vision how to start. Together we made a tourism business motorcycle guide to ensure you the best travel partner and unique travel experience. We even receive the official travel partner license from BMW and Ducati.

We are the best in project management

Business Project

Client started a business like a sole proprietorship with 20k EUR yearly income and he needed a boost. He is a former pro athlete with high work ethic, used to train a lot, sacrificed long term dedication to sport etc. We examined his market, forecasts the options and talked a lot with him on meetings to check also his character. We found a business solution, organised his business roots and process inside of a firm, creating an IT net of buyers and build a strong future path with marketing campaigns. All that introduced to a bank who loved the creativity and numbers in growth and confirmed the support. In 7 years time this sports company is now doing +1 mio EUR yearly.

"We have a number of clients, former athletes, who need a business guidance in real life after their career is finished. Our only goal is to put them on their right business track and they just keep going. They have already got their working skills, it is just finding the compass together."

Financial Project

CEO and co-owner of three diferent companies hired us to make a financial project how to buy a large real estate property. He knew his companies are not capable to invest so much into it, so he needed to get a major loan from a bank. We made a smart financial plan with projections in numbers and introduced it to the banks togehter with the CEO. Successfully With this real estate project they are now doing a great job in monthly income.


Recognizing challenges in every day life & struggle. To help people who don’t have, don’t possess, who tragically lost something or someone, who suffer, who want to achieve but don’t have the ability… Our Foundation invest its time, resources and attention to the kids, older people and especially to young athletes. Providing them with support and mentors they need to succeed in their sports or to become successful human beings and productive contributors to society. The foundation serves to community since 2014.

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